About Us


With the restoration of democracy in the Philippines, the nation is back on the road for economic progress.  Once again the capital market is tacked to play a major role by providing the medium by which the financial machinery for development are harnessed into business and industrial activities.  The generation of fresh investment through the stock market lays the very foundation for economic stability and national development.

                With the backdrop, AAA SOUTHEAST EQUITIES, INC.  (formerly  ROCA SECURITIES, INC.) was established in November 1989 with firm commitment to the growth of the capital market.  Composed of an energetic and dynamic team of trading and in depth investment research staff,  AAA SOUTHEAST EQUITIES, INC.  is geared towards advancement for  its fast growing clientele.

The company‚Äôs initial capitalization is P48 million.  Its share of the market volume in the Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc.  represents a portion of the average market share among the Philippine Stock Exchange member firms.  AAA Southeast Equities, Inc.  is fast achieving a respectable portion in the Philippine securities industry.